Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We Were Quiet This Week

Only four of us showed up this week so it was a fairly quiet meetup. We all had our projects to entertain us, too. Laurie had her little woodland faerie, of course, and was busy figuring out her clothes. Here she's felting the leaf like portions of her skirt.

I brought a batch of my smaller pendant style beads and turned them into keychains. I long ago learned that not everyone can be talked into buying jewelry, even something as casual as a single pendant style necklace. So I offer keychains made with the same art beads. My grandmother, for example, wouldn't let me make her necklace (I'm not offended, she only wears her wedding and anniversary rings) but I made her a keychain. My mom has several, some as purse jewelry. And the nifty little tool roll in the left of the picture is a crayon roll from Tamara of Barefoot Tams.

Mia is doing much better with her needle felting than I did with my attempts! She's jumped right into sculpting it. Her little head has such personality already and she was beginning work on the body when we finished up for the day.

Marg was fighting with her watercolours to get the perfect setting sun sky. Eventually she decided indigo was the way to go. You can't see it in the photograph but she is working from an older photo of children silhouetted against a sky with a setting sun in it.

Friday, April 30th a few of us - Cindy and I - will be at the Craft Fair and Flea Market held from 12 til 8 at the Legion in Swift Current. I'll have some of my work there but I'm also going to take advantage of the flea market / garage sale type venue to destash some of my extra supplies! This is only because I need to make space for the next shipment of new clay...

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