Thursday, February 7, 2013

Make a Heart Magnet

Final Magnet 

Our first scheduled demo went off without a hitch - I demonstrated how to make a polymer clay heart magnet so everyone could stick sweet notes to their fridges in time for Valentine's Day.

It was also the coldest, snowiest day of the season (or close!) and so the meeting was lightly attended because people are sane and stayed inside, at home.

Never fear! I took process pictures and posted the whole instruction set on my own blog. Have fun, make magnets!

Our next demo or featured show and tell will be with Hedi, on February 26. She'll tell us about her fibre work and her alpacas.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Back to Making in Swift Current

One of those things they tell you not to do when you're blogging is to apologize for completely not meeting your posting schedule.

I'm doing it anyways. I'm sorry I let this poor blog go without a post! It's not like the club gave up and died.

In the time between the last post, in May of 2010, and now the Swift Current Makers have continued merrily along meeting most Tuesdays, making a ton of awesomeness. We've had anniversary potlucks and Christmas potlucks and a group challenge. We've changed venues. Twice. Our membership has grown and solidified.

I'm not sure if I'll continue the previous format with a weekly minutes type post but I will keep the blog up with a little about what we're up to. There's also a Facebook page with our name on it now and I've started adding pictures from between then (the last post) and now (many pictures later) to it.

If you're in the Swift Current area and have a spare Tuesday afternoon, come visit us! We're currently meeting in the basement of the Community Baptist Church on Tuesday afternoons between 1 and 3. If you're crafty, artistic, making neato stuff, we want to meet you.

Just for kicks I'll be demoing a cute little fridge magnet craft on Tuesday, January 29. It may or may not have glitter. There will be enough extra supplies for you to come and try too!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Sun is Shining

In contrast to last week, the sun was out and shining for Tuesday. Maybe that's why we had a busy meet-up! It started off normally but we had other Makers drift in throughout. Which means there's a whole bunch of pictures!

There's everyone (except me, but there's my stuff right in the front) getting off to a rolling start. From left to back to right there's: Pearl, Marg, Cindy, Mia, Laurie, David. Later on Jean, Deb and Louise visited! Good show.

Cindy is putting together her large pop can tab purse ever - it will be double the size of her usual ones (like the green one in right corner of the picture). I would be sincerely SICK of pop can tabs at that point. And black crochet yarn. In the background there, Mia is unpacking her wool to work on her needle felted sculpture. She also made a neat little mask with a lump of polymer clay I gave her. I think she sculpts anything!

Marg is painting her next piece in this pic but earlier she showed us what she plans to have printed up for some of her upcoming shows where her photography will be a part. If I were bright I would have moved along the table edge and photographed the pretty purple sweater that Pearl was knitting up but I didn't get a very good shot of that!

Here's what I made Tuesday. Well, here's the redo of what I made since someone bought the one I made on Tuesday afternoon! There's a little pearl, turquoise, antiqued brass wire and a few of my polymer clay beads. This was part of a challenge Cindy and I had to show how very different results can be achieved with similar materials. You can see what Cindy whipped up in her matching post.

I snapped a picture of Louise to use as I work on her website - that's at - but it's fair game since it was on Tuesday and the t-shirt is from her most recent snow dyeing day right? We'll assume so!

These are Jean's finished transfer, mixed media canvases. Deb, who's helpfully holding the canvas for me, was knitting too. Some day I will ask the nice knitty folks to teach me. My very sweet and patient Granny gave up ages ago!

And here's our mascot (sorry Laurie!) for the group. She's got this little pouf of fluff added to her bun and other small finishing details added that I can't see in the picture. Laurie nabbed one of my orange lily beads to add to her bodice, so we'll see the update next week.