Tuesday, May 4, 2010

When It Rains

This weeks meeting was unique in that I walked over in the pouring rain and left in snow. That's been the theme for the weather the last few weeks though! Here's hoping we eventually escape into spring and summer.

Because I'm eternally optimistic, I brought my bird project - a customer requested bird shaped, flower covered beads which are in progress here (finished pics here):

Louise was showing off one of her projects from the Quilts Canada convention she attended in Calgary last week. The book has pages with all sorts of techniques in it:

Mia was working on her needle felting. She brought along her first completed sculptures, little tribal or caricature type figures. From wool. Very neat.

Later she was taking advantage of the machine that combs wool Laurie brought in to play with. If you think it looks like a torture device, you're not the only one:

Jean was working on a transfer based collage, slowly washing and rubbing off the paper backing from the transfer that she'd applied to a prepped canvas. You can see it in progress here (the white parts of the picture transfer clear, so the canvas colour shows through):

And we have Laurie's wood fairy with the sparkles - I should say, Angelina fibres - mixed in with her outfit:

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  1. A big thank-you to Elaine for creating and regularly updating this blog. I love having these photos of our works in progress. Since I rarely remember to document my own work until it is finished, this is a real treat.