Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Circle Grows

This week I arrived to see more people had ventured in to the Tuesdays with Laurie! Marsha Canon, Louise Perrin and Mia had come to see what we were all about.

Marsha is a talented visual artist who both paints and does painstaking, master level needle work. Mia sculpts and this Tuesday she was trying out a little bit of Paperclay. The rainbow below is a little of Louise's recent snow dyeing project.

Here is another picture of Louise's work, a quilted piece for display at the Quilts Canada show in Calgary.

I'm always pushing people to try polymer clay out since it's my obsession. Cindy goes in spurts of indulging me and here are some of her latest little beads.
Finally we have the weekly update on Laurie's felted fairie: she has wings! I'm not quite sure what magic went into them but aren't they darling?

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